The projects

Documentaries, reports, corporate films as well as fiction projects. Make yourself comfortable in front of your screen and watch our examples.


“Don’t judge a man until you’ve walked seven moons in his moccasins”. We are guided by this Native American proverb in our production of documentaries and reports.


The freedom of fiction, another way to approach our reality. Since 2018, Zebra Production has been developing series with young talents.


Nothing beats a film to showcase your expertise.

Zebra production supports companies and communities.

Sustainable development

Zebra Production is at the service of renewable energies, organic products, and fair trade production chains.


To taste with your eyes – and show the art of cooking. Zebra Production is as close as possible to producers and chefs.

Urban planning

Building the city for the inhabitants, Zebra Production made the development of urban areas understandable.